Patriot Mobility Scooter Compact Heavy Duty Mobile For Travel, Adults

If you love the great outdoors, then this is the mobility scooter for you! This sporty four-wheel model offers a rugged outdoor design with independent suspension with a full lighting package and a thick comfortable full-sized captain’s seat. Due to the independent suspension, this scooter offers great comfort without jarring your body. Feel free to take this scooter over just about any terrain and you will experience a smooth ride. When shopping for a heavy-duty mobility scooter, this is the one. This mobility scooter is as tough as they come. This mobility product is one of the best heavy duty carts on the market.

Patriot mobility scooter delivers high-performance operation and easy disassembly for convenience on the go. It provides you extremely driving experience. Enjoy your perfect active lifestyle.

  • Easy to adjust and comfortable: The design that can bear up to 120 kg is not only safe, but also equipped with a comfortable seat with a width of 46 cm. The seat can be rotated 360 degrees and the height can be adjusted in 4 levels to suit your taste. adjustable. In addition, it is also equipped with two freely adjustable clamshell armrests to make getting in and out of the car more convenient.
  • [Easy to carry and store] The folding electric high-grade trolley is easy to disassemble into four, the battery is detachable, and it is convenient to charge and carry. And it is easy to assemble. In addition, this size fits the trunk of a car when the seat back is tilted down or folded. It can also be used for shopping and travel.
  • [Convenient operation and storage]: Small and light, easy to understand and understand, no driver’s license required! The folding is simple and convenient, and the folding is convenient and quick. An electric wheelchair that can be charged with a household power source.
  • [With LED lights]: The electric wheelchair front and rear large diameter high-brightness LED lights, large front bumper to reduce collision, LED high-brightness headlights, long-distance, high-brightness, large-scale lighting, safe operation at night.
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