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The Two Person Far Infrared Sauna Room is a spacious, two-person sauna designed to provide a range of health benefits. It employs far infrared technology to intensify relaxation and detoxification, combined with an ergonomic design for improved comfort and safety. The larger size and range of features make it a great choice for people seeking an all-in-one sauna solution.

Advantage 1: Spacious Interior:
This sauna offers a roomy interior, allowing two people to use it simultaneously. It features lounge benches and unfolded sides for increased space and comfort, so users can relax for longer periods of time without feeling cramped.

Advantage 2: Durable Construction:
The Two Person Far Infrared Sauna Room is constructed with hemlock wood, which is more resistant to high temperatures and wear and tear while maintaining its lightweight design. Additionally, this makes it eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Advantage 3: Safety:
This sauna is designed with an ergonomic interior, with strategically placed grab bars and steps for better safety and convenience. Its air ventilation system ensures that the air inside the sauna is not too hot, so users can enjoy sauna sessions without fear of overheating.

Advantage 4: Relaxation and Detoxification:
The far infrared technology used in this sauna intensifies relaxation and detoxification processes, resulting in a more effective and therapeutic experience. Additionally, the interior design helps promote relaxation, allowing users to lounge and relax during their session.

Advantage 5: Variety of Features:
In addition to its comfortable interior design, This sauna also comes with a wide range of features, such as an automated control panel, a carbon fiber heater, a built-in MP3 player, and an auto shut-off feature, making it an all-in-one solution for sauna enthusiasts.

The Two Person Far Infrared Sauna Room is a spacious two-person sauna designed to provide a range of health benefits. Its hemlock wood construction makes it durable and eco-friendly, while its far infrared technology enhances relaxation and detoxification. It also offers an ergonomic interior design with grab bars and steps for improved safety and comfort, as well as a variety of features, making it a great all-in-one sauna solution.


  • Lose weight, remove toxin, reduce stress and fatigue. save money to pay for beauty salon shop.
  • Symptoms improved of insomnia, depression, limb aches and joint pain, then stress &fatigue relief required. Open clogged pores, expel toxic substances, promote blood circulation, improve dark yellow skin, and slim down.
  • Made of Canadian hemlock. Adjust the temperature by built-in carbon crystal heating board and intelligent control panel.
  • Convenient installation. Factory supply. Brand focused. Professional technology. Dedicated service.


  • Model: LT-902CH
  • English name: Two person far infrared sauna room
  • Product specifications: 44 x 39 x 77 inches (length*width*height)
  • Internal height: 40*34*72 inches
  • Seat height: 19 inches
  • Glass door 65*24*0.3 inches
  • Power plug: American/European
  • Power cord length: 3M/118.11 inches
  • Rated power supply: 60HZ /120V
  • Rated power: 1750 W
  • Maximum temperature rise: 65 degrees
  • Temperature protection: 110 degrees
  • Control system: LCD display, button control
  • Audio system: Bluetooth audio
  • Main material: Canadian Premium Hemlock Wood
  • Heating material: far-infrared epoxy heating plate
  • Packing method: carton foam packing
  • Seat load: 661.39lb
  • Applicable height: 59-75inches

Specification: Two person far infrared sauna room



Weight 260.15 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 39 × 77 in

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Two person far infrared sauna room
Two person far infrared sauna room


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