10 decoration scenes of the painting “Downtown Bustling Interstate”.

1. Cars in motion: This scene depicts cars driving down an interstate highway, surrounded by buildings and trees.

2. Street lights: This scene depicts street lights illuminating the road and nearby buildings at night.

3. Skyscrapers: This scene depicts tall skyscrapers towering over the city streets below.

4. Trees in motion: This scene depicts trees swaying in the wind as cars drive by them on the interstate highway.

5. Street signs: This scene depicts street signs that indicate directions and mark intersections along the highway.

6. Construction sites: This scene depicts construction sites that are being built along the highway or near other buildings in the cityscape.

7. Pedestrians: This scene depicts pedestrians walking along sidewalks or crossing roads, going about their daily lives in a bustling urban environment.

8. Bridges: This scene depicts bridges that cross over highways, providing access to other parts of the city or connecting it to other cities nearby.

9. Public transportation: This scene depicts public transportation such as buses, subways, and light rail which are used by people to get around the city quickly and efficiently without having to drive themselves around town or take taxis or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

10. Street vendors: This scene depicts street vendors selling food, drinks, souvenirs, and other items to passersby along the streets of downtown

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