“Inner Coastal Vacation on Water” Acrylic Wall Art

This particular painting was created by the artist, Summer Blackhurst. Working out of her studio in South Carolina, Summer is known for her use of vibrant colors and for creating paintings that capture the beauty and emotion found in nature. To create this particular piece, Summer began by sketching out several different compositions that she thought might work well with the title. After deciding on a composition that she liked, she then began to use a combination of oil paints and brush techniques to bring her vision to life. The painting depicts a scene of a coastal vacation spot with a family enjoying some time on the beach. The bright blues and greens used in the painting represent both the beauty of the water and sky, as well as the joyful emotions felt by the family during their vacation. There is also an element of mystery present in the painting as it is unclear what lies beyond the horizon line. Overall, “Inner Coastal Vacation on Water” is an excellent example of Summer Blackhurst’s artistic talent as it captures both an emotional moment in time as well as a stunningly beautiful landscape. I hope this answer has been helpful in giving you more insight into this wonderful work of art!

1. Nautical Waves: A light blue and white color palette with subtle hints of seafoam green and sand. Ideal for a coastal vacation feel.

2. Coastal Breeze: Bring a soothing atmosphere to your home with this light gray, teal and navy blue combination.

3. Tropical Drinks: Create a bright and cheerful vibe with this fun turquoise, pink and orange color palette.

4. Seaside Dreams: A dreamy mix of blues and greens to evoke the ocean vibes in any room.

5. Beach Break: A classic beachy yellow, blue and white combination that will take you away to the beach!

6. Sunny Days: Brighten up your space with this sunny yellow, green and pink combination.

7. Tropical Retreat: A refreshing combination of blues, greens and coral for a relaxing getaway at home!

8. Summer Sails: Create a nautical feel with this beautiful mix of navy blue, white and coral accents.

9. Sea Glass Breeze: This sea-inspired color scheme combines shades of blue, green and grey for a calming vibe in any room!

10.Ocean View: Capture the beauty of the beach with this soothing blend of blues, whites and greys!

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