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1. Understand the history and context of the artwork: Learning about the artwork’s creators, when it was created, and what events might have influenced it can help you gain a better appreciation for the work.

2. Ask questions: Engaging with the artwork by asking questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of it.

3. Appreciate the details: Taking time to observe and appreciate all of the details in a piece of art will help you fully appreciate its beauty.

4. Notice different perspectives: Seeing an artwork from different angles or perspectives can provide new insight into its meaning or message.

5. Reflect on your emotional response: Pay attention to your emotional response to art, and think about what that response might be telling you about the piece or yourself.

6. Make connections with other works of art: Comparing different pieces of art can provide valuable perspective on both works and how they relate to each other.

7. Consider symbolism within the work: Analyzing symbols within a work of art can offer insight into its deeper meanings and messages that are not immediately apparent from just looking at it.

8. Look for patterns in color, shape, texture and form: Examining how these elements interact with one another in a piece of artwork can give you insight into its composition as well as its message or meaning as a whole.

9. Think about how technology has impacted the creation of artwork: Exploring how advances in technology have impacted how artists create their work can provide valuable context for understanding modern art forms such as digital media or interactive installations more fully.

10. Discuss your thoughts with others: Sharing your thoughts on an artwork with others can be a great way to learn more about it and get differing perspectives on it that may further enhance your appreciation for it!

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