decoration styles suitable for bronze outdoor leisure tables and chairs

  1. Industrial Style: Featuring bronze outdoor tables and chairs with clean lines and minimal ornamentation, this style is ideal for creating a blended rustic and modern feel. Textiles and materials with a weathered effect, such as distressed leather and galvanized metal, can be used to give pieces a vintage touch.
  2. Mid-Century Modern: This style emphasizes curved silhouettes and strong lines on your outdoor furniture, typically constructed with metal and wood finishes. Bright accent colors, such as bright yellow, powder blue or lime green, can be used as a focal point.
  3. Vintage: Ideal for that classic, timeless look, vintage outdoor furniture is characterized by thick metal frames and rusty patina. Refurbished antiques, such as wagon wheels, milk cans and outdoor lanterns, can be used to add vintage charm.
  4. Bohemian: For an eclectic and vibrant outdoor atmosphere, opt for a bohemian-inspired style. Featuring embroidered pillows and throws, along with a variety of colorful textiles, this look exudes texture and pops of color. Brightly colored ceramics and intricate crochet patterns can be used to add visual interest.
  5. Mediterranean: Influenced by the culture and climate of south of Europe, Mediterranean outdoor furniture is characterized by clean lines and muted colors. Terra cotta and weathered bronze provide the perfect sun-kissed hue, while vibrant throw pillows can be used to add a distinct touch of color.
  6. Provincial: If you’re in search of a cozy and inviting outdoor space, provincial style might be the perfect fit. Beautiful wooden tables and chairs, and upholstered seating with an antique feel, will be the perfect complement to a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  7. Coastal: To create a refreshing and breezy outdoor oasis, opt for a coastal-inspired style. Weathered wood tables and painted beach chairs, along with light and airy textiles, will create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for entertaining.
  8. Modern Farmhouse: A modern farmhouse style is perfect for mixing crisp and modern lines with rustic touches. Copper and galvanized metals are often used to create a vintage-inspired look, while woven baskets, burlap, and distressed wood and metals can be used to add texture.
  9. Scandinavian: Simple, yet incredibly elegant and stylish, Scandinavian outdoor furniture is characterized by light woods and high-quality fabrics. Soft and neutral colors such as white, gray, black, and pastels are typically used, while pops of bright colors can be used to inject life into the space.
  10. Tropical: If you want to feel like you’re on vacation year-round, opt for a tropical-inspired outdoor space. Wicker furniture, light colors, and natural textures can be used to evoke a relaxed atmosphere, while rattan chairs, palm trees, and colorful cushions can be used to spruce up the look.
  11. Traditional: If you’re looking for a classic and timeless style, traditional outdoor furniture is the way to go. Think hardwood and wrought-iron, along with textiles such as spacious cabana stripes and detailed prints that exude luxury. A lush floral garland draped along the frames is the perfect finishing touch.

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