Hinged Fraser Fir Artificial Fir Chritmas Tree Holiday Decoration w/1,250 Lush Branch Tips

Firstly, let me start with some basic information. As the name suggests, the tree is made of artificial materials, specifically PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and metal. It has a height of 7.5 feet and a width of 55 inches, which gives it a generous size, providing ample space for ornaments and other decorations.

Now, let’s talk about the design. The tree features a hinged construction, which means it can be easily assembled and taken down without hassle. Its metal frame makes it durable and capable of retaining its shape year after year. The tree has a natural appearance, resembling the beautiful and magnificent Fraser Fir tree, a tree that’s known for its dark blue-green color and silver-blue sheen. The branches are very lush, filled with needles of different length and color, giving it a realistic look and texture. The branch tips are rounded and slightly tapered, enhancing the tree’s authentic appearance. There are 1,250 branch tips that make up the fullness of the tree, giving it a lush, dense feel.

The Hinged Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree has wide branches that fan out at the bottom, which makes it an ideal place for larger ornaments. As you go up, the branches gradually become smaller, offering a perfect spot for smaller decorations. The tree’s layered structure and strategic design create plenty of surface area to hang your favorite Christmas ornaments, bulbs, tinsel, and garland, making it easy to customize the decoration according to your taste. The branches are also strong and supportive, which means that you can hang heavy ornaments and decorations without worrying about them falling off.

As this artificial Christmas tree is relatively easy to assemble, you won’t spend hours putting it up. The hinged construction aids this process as it makes it easier to connect the different parts of the tree. When it’s time to pack up and store the tree, the hinged design also makes disassembly very simple. You can easily fold, collapse, or stack the different parts of the tree to store it in the provided sturdy packaging box, eliminating the need for space-consuming and pricey storage containers.

Overall, this Hinged Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration with 1,250 Lush Branch Tips is an excellent choice for holiday decorating enthusiasts who want a beautiful and stress-free experience. It provides a natural and realistic look while alleviating the hassle of dealing with real trees and tedious setups. Plus, its ample height and width make it perfect for almost any room or space. Whether you’re hosting holiday parties, entertaining guests, or just want a warm and inviting home for the festive season, this Christmas Tree is a great choice for you!

Easy Assembly Hinged branches are Pre-attached to center poles and drop down for quick set-up. Put the tree together in just 3 steps simply connect the base to the largest section of the tree before attaching the remaining sections and easily fluffing the branches. White Paint Design and Pine Cones White paint on tips of the tree leaves and look like snow fails on tree. 65 realistic pine cones bring a touch of holiday charm to any home. Besides, over 1300 branch tips will help emulate a full-bodied genuine pine tree. Sturdy Metal Stand Equipped with a sturdy iron stand, this Christmas tree is stable and durable for a long lifespan. Compared with cheap plastic stand, our metal stand will provide the tree with greater support and balance, keeping it standing upright and preventing breakage.

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