360-degree spin and gentle rocking SWIVEL ROCKER CHAIR

  1. Base: The base of the chair should be designed for 360-degree rotation, so it should feature a swivel mechanism that allows for smooth and easy turning. It should also be designed for gentle rocking, so it should include an easy-glide system that allows for a smooth, comfortable rocking motion.
  2. Seat: The seat should be designed so that it provides adequate support and comfort while also allowing for 360-degree rotation and gentle rocking. It should be slightly curved and designed to cradle the body so that it supports both the back and legs.
  3. Back: The back of the chair should be designed to offer both stability and comfort. It should provide adequate support and allow the user to move without the back digging into their back.
  4. Arms: The arms of the chair should be designed to be comfortable and supportive. It should also feature an adjustable height mechanism that allows the user to adjust the armrests to their desired position.
  5. Features: The chair should also feature other features such as built-in cup holders and side storage pockets for convenience. It should also include a weather-resistant coating to ensure that it stands up to the elements.

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