why the chair should be designed to rotate 360 degrees?

The rotation feature allows for more versatility in the use of the chair. For example, it can easily be rotated to follow the sun and provide shade on a hot day, or the chair can be quickly turned around to face another direction for a better view of whatever may be around. It also allows for easier access to different parts of the chair, such as the pockets or armrests. Additionally, being able to rotate the chair makes it easy for multiple people to use the same chair without having to move it each time.

  1. Sun and shade: By having the ability to rotate 360 degrees, the chair can be turned to follow the sun throughout the day, providing shade and comfort for the user.
  2. View: Rotating the chair 360 degrees allows the user to quickly have a view of whatever might be around them, such as a scenic view or interesting people.
  3. Access: Turning the chair allows easier access to different parts of the chair such as armrests, pockets, and any adjustable features. This can reduce the overall fatigue associated with sitting in the same position for long periods of time.
  4. Multi-user: When multiple people are using the same chair, being able to quickly turn the chair 360 degrees allows for a fair and comfortable conversation setup, without having to move the chair or change the seating arrangement for each user.
  5. Safety: In the event of an emergency, the chair can be quickly tilted to the side or moved out of the way without having to physically move it. This can help reduce any potential injury or damage.

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