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Editor choice 1 There are many different processes involved in manufacturing outdoor aluminum leisure chairs
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There are many different processes involved in manufacturing outdoor aluminum leisure chairs

There are many different processes involved in manufacturing outdoor aluminum leisure chairs. The exact processes will depend on the specific style and material of the product being made. The common processes necessary for producing an outdoor ...
Editor choice 2 “Abstract Ribbon” Acrylic Wall Art
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“Abstract Ribbon” Acrylic Wall Art

Abstract art is an umbrella term for a wide range of styles and techniques used in creating non-representational art. It began in the early 1900s, primarily as a reaction against the traditional mimetic art form of the time. Artists such as Wassily ...
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The "Rosey Lips" Acrylic Wall Art is a beautiful and feminine piece that can be used to bring a sense of contemporary sophistication to any room. It has a modern, abstract feel that would look great in rooms with eclectic or monochromatic color ...
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This artwork is a captivating piece that really draws you in. It features a figure looking out over the horizon, with vibrant colors of blue and orange blending together creating an abstract landscape. The colors used in this work are bold and ...
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I call this art series "Spirited Wonderment". It's an exploration of the beauty that exists in the everyday, from the grandiose to the microscopic. Through paint, I strive to capture the spirit of life in motion, its energy and vibrancy. So come ...

Best Sellers of 2023 Year

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advices

Got it yesterday and so far I love it. The kids especially love the racing part. Putting it together was easy, and I LOVE how they have the screws separated by the proper areas and it is nicely labeled. The lumbar support is a little big, but I’m thinking it will compress down in time. Moving the lumbar up and down is a little difficult as the strap is very tight when going behind the seat. I think in time that this too will get a little easier. The hand rests are a little loose on the turning right/left. I’ve tightened the screws, but I may look into that more to see if there is something I missed. It is very sturdy and the back does lay down to almost flat. The level for the back tilt reminds me a pull emergency brake. Overall I am very impressed.

I honestly cannot imagine going back to my old chair after using this for a few weeks. I used to go to bed every night with back pain, this chair fixed all of my back problems. I can sit in this chair for lengthy periods of time to stream, game, edit videos, and chat with friends with no aches or pains.

The box did get a bit beat up during shipping, which was to be expected, it is a good sized box and fairly heavy as well. Assembly was super easy to follow (I was able to do it all myself, although it would have been easier with a second pair of hands). The instructions were inside of the plastic wrapped back piece, which did take me a while to find. It fits perfectly underneath my desk and reclines back fully to lying position easily with no issues whatsoever.

There was a tiny bit of cosmetic damage to the chair, but, it is small enough that no one would ever see it unless someone was looking for it. The chair overall feels very sturdy and looks expensive. The support pillows are phenomenal, I was searching primarily for a chair that offered them, and couldn’t be happier with them overall.

If anyone is searching for an upgrade from a crummy chair to a nice, professional looking chair, this is highly recommended.

The best Charcoal Fire Pit for 2023 Year

Easy and quick installation. Gives off a lot of heat and the metal has bit burned or melted. Used it for an outdoor gathering and everyone loved it. We loved it so much that we used it again the next night.

Excellent design and well built

Wow, it’s to be honest, one of the impressive stuff I’ve used this year. Using this bbq fireplace several times with my dudes and family in the yard, all of us do pretty love with the happy atmosphere around the table drinking the whiskey and cold beers. A great way gathers friends to have a party reunion. The design of the bbq table in the yard is pretty charming and good for camping. Also, for the setting-up step part, install with my previous experience and don’t follow the instruction as it seems to easy for me. Besides, the instruction still is clear and simple to understand for the beginners in my opinion. The materials with a great sense of touch made by the iron, which could def be durable for a long time using. Oh, one of part is negative for me, as it’s not much tall as I expected before purchasing and the chairs on my house are quite high vertically. So in fact, some friends may need to bend their top body, but it’s not really vital if you have a lower chair or enjoyable sitting on the ground. Over all, that would be good choice to have a family/ friends reunion about 2-6 people. The delivery, customer service, installment is good, and highly recommend to use it. I’m trying to find more vivo products on their store, lol they get much more great stuff in here.

I tried this product for New Years, and it was great! All the parts were there, but I did notice that the bag to the screws looked like it’s been open and old looking, but all the screws were there (even had two left over). The size was even bigger than what I expected. In my opinion, this serves best as a fire pit or cooler only. There was nothing that could cover the food if you decide to grill (maybe roast hot dogs or marshmallows). I think that the cost of it is a little too much, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I think that for the cost, they should add complimentary wood logs or coal. Overall, it’s a great product. Attached are images of how it looked before assembly & after is the beautiful end result of enjoying the fire!.

My husband put this wonderful fire pit together in less than 15 minutes. He wasn’t grouchy afterward, so I knew it was easy and without any problems. I love the fact that this Seller had the complete package- with food grill and cover. We made hot dogs on it the first time we used it (right after putting it together). They were delicious! The fire pit is the perfect size to comfortably seat 4 people around. It’s also very beautiful with the fire burning. We are very pleased with this product, have zero problems so far, and recommend it to those looking for a simple, affordable, and attractive fire pit!

This is perfect for my first fire pit. Putting it together was easy, did it myself. My husband loves it as well, it was a surprise gift for him. It really is great. I love how it doubles as a grill. Used it last night for some burgers and worked perfectly.

Perfect table/guard for bonfire

I purchased this for the sole purpose of having protection around my solo bonfire – and to also have a place to rest our feet and set our food/drinks.

Size wise, it’s perfect. The bonfire is around 20” I believe, and it provides just enough clearance so that the metal won’t be touching and get too hot.

The material itself is pretty flimsy. I don’t have high expectations for how long it will last or how well it will rust. But for the purposes I need it for, I’m pretty pleased!

32 Inch Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Metal Square Patio Firepit Table BBQ Garden Stove

161.8848 194.5888
This Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Metal Square Patio Firepit Table BBQ Garden Stove is perfect for outdoor parties. It has a BBQ grill grate, built-in ice bucket, and comes with a spark screen cover, log grate, and poker.
  • Safe and Secure: Features with mesh lid to prevent burning embers blowing; poker can be used to stoke fire and remove the mesh lid
  • Square tabletop - Premium fire pit built in a square shape for stability.The 32-inch wide tabletop around the centerfire area allowing for convenient access to drinks and roasting supplies
  • Multipurpose - This outdoor fire pit is ideal for cool evenings, providing cozy warmth, lithe light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere. Sturdy design with special pattern ideal for warmth, BBQ and cooling drinks and food in patio/garden/yard
  • Durable Design- Constructed of high-quality iron mesh and frame. Comes with suitable outer cover to keep clean and avoid getting rusty by water or rain when not in use
  • Flexible - Offers 360-degree view of the fire

It was very nice for the short lived winter. Had it lit for Christmas Eve. It holds the fire in place with the lid but without it you’ll feel more heat. The lid helps keep the flames from reaching out which is good when you have kids running around. Easier to manage than the last one I had.

OMG!! SOOOO EASY TO ASSEMBLE with ONLY 24 screws to use. It took me less than 1/2 hr to do using my electric drill with Allen Wrench attachment. I CANNOT wait to use it!! 😃😃😃

Very realistic. Colors r pretty
Good heat. Probably won’t use crackling noise sounds like coming thru speaker and sound level not adjustable. Maybe if it was quieter it would sound more real. But its very pretty installed easily and throws good heat.

We removed a buck stove and thought the opening we would have would be 36″, but it was 42″ so we were very pleased to find this fireplace. It was extremely easy to install and looks very real. We have had several great comments on it already. Last Sunday we had a movie day with the fireplace on (no heat of course) and it was great! Nice to have a fire inside when it is 95 outside! Looks like a big screen TV when off. Highly recommend as we are very happy with the purchase!

Realistic Looking with Great Features

We purchased this fireplace insert for my mom for Christmas (gave it to her early) and she loves it. It has many great features. She can set a timer to turn the unit off automatically. She can listen to crackling sounds if she wants. The heater keeps her room warm and it has several different lighting colors to choose from. We are very happy with this purchase.

Recibí lo que tanto buscaba y es exactamente como luce en la foto. Tiene 3 luces para combinar, la leña tiene tambien intensidad de luces y el sonido parece real. Estoy emocionada con mi compra. La recomiendo y le doy 5 estrella porque la entrega fue puntual y el empaque estaba perfecto.

Design | The classic design highlights the realistic wood-burning 3-D flame technology. Lightweight construction makes insert and installation into a space both easy and convenient. The universal style is a perfect heating solution for any space with an insert. Functional in a guest room, basement, garage, apartment, workplace, motorhome or RV.

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Fireplace insert was a perfect fit. Options we like include remote control, choice of flame size and colors, provides heat optionally. We did not think the crackling sound option was realistic so we probably won’t use. Otherwise very happy with product.


Features | A quiet, fan-forced heater has easy-to-adjust settings for even heat distribution. Enjoy the warm glow of the flames all year with the no-heat option and crackling fire sounds. Safety protection includes automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. The unit is odorless and smokeless. Safe for the elderly, kids, and pets.

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